What do computers teach us? Patience.

December 2, 2008 | By Helen Tapping | News, Photography, Photojournalism

This morning is our last working session. We have not been too worried as we only have a bit of finessing to do on our Bridges to Understanding digital story. However, after yet another poorly timed power outage, things start to get stressful! The ambient sound of dogs barking combined with the new transitions do something horribly wrong to our story. We had to spend several frustrating hours trying all variations of sounds until we finally tested it out on another computer. It is perfect now!  As the kids have been saying: “What do computers teach us? Patience.”  We happily turn in our files and take a much deserved break.

It turned out that Lhakpa forgot his uniform, which he needs for the evening’s film festival event. So we took the opportunity to hop on a tuk tuk down to McCloud Ganj so he could pick it up. He is one of the three students that actually has family nearby.

En route we stopped off at the oldest English church in India – St. John’s In The Wilderness. Lhakpa told us ghost stories as we gave ourselves a private tour, viewing the gravestones of residents that had died in a manner of explicit ways.

Further down the hill we met his parents who run a local restaurant. While we waited for Lhakpa to grab his uniform we watched the local wildlife run amok.

We still have several hours before the festival starts so Lhakpa offers to be our guide to a waterfall in Bhagsu, a town a few miles away. Lhakpa is now clad in uniform and totally unsuitable shoes for the long, uphill hike with loose stones on the path.

The hike was worth it. It’s extremely tranquil but freezing so I decline a dip. We returned by tuk tuk to the TCV where final preparations for the Dalai Lama’s visit tomorrow are in full swing.

The main school auditorium was the site for our film festival which was attended by over 500 students including the entire middle school. Needless to say, our students were very nervous! Each student introduced a digital story shyly but with great pride. Every story was greeted by a huge round of applause and some even received laughter. The “world premiere” was deemed a huge success by students, staff and mentors alike! What do you think of our video?

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