LA Creative team goes on a location scout

November 3, 2008 | By Siri Berting | Creative

Today we set out to scout a location for an upcoming shoot. We are planning a shoot around a restaurant environment that will convey concepts of business lunches, social gatherings and dining scenes. Most of the department came along since we are all doing different jobs on this shoot. We have one photographer (me), one producer (Amy Uratsu), One art director standing in as a stylist (Karen Strauss), and two on set art directors standing in as themselves (Jennifer Dorn and Stephen Schauer). The location Nick and Stef’s Steakhouse in downtown Los Angeles.

The location has four distinct areas we can utilize to get different looks: the outdoor patio, the indoor bar, the fine dining room and the private party room.

Outside we can do a natural light feel with city scape backgrounds that can look like anywhere city downtown USA.

Inside we can use ambient light coming through the windows for a moody back lit look. Finally we can light the space to give a more dramatic effect or mimic a nighttime feel. The best thing about this location is that it is an elegant restaurant with a generic feel that becomes a clean palette to allow the photography and talent to highlight the concepts concisely with a worldwide appeal.

While on the scout I like to take location shots that will give an idea of the framing and angles I will be working with on the day of the shoot.  This way we can set the schedule of the day with visual references, which act as a storyboard, for the shots, talent movement and wardrobe needs. Once we have our schedule and timing down the team goes to work executing the concepts/shots we have laid out for ourselves in a structured shoot brief. I should also mention that the impetus of this shoot came from Creative Research requests for new imagery covering the concept of lunchtime meetings, either social or work related.

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