Upcoming Usability Test of a New Search Interface

October 30, 2008 | By Getty Images UX | Creative

Andy Ryan/Getty Images

In a few weeks time we will be running some remote usability tests with US, UK and Canadian customers. Participants will earn a generous Amazon voucher. We’re hoping to see how a prototype behaves in the real world. Do you want to help?

Interested? Just fill out the form at www.gettyimages.com/ux as accurately as possible.

What will happen? If you meet the profile we’re looking for, we’ll get in touch to schedule a session. We’ll call you at an agreed time, send you a screen-sharing link and then ask you to do some searching with the prototype and tell us what you think. No preparation required.

Afterwards, we’ll send you an Amazon voucher for $75, £60, C$90.  (If it doesn’t work out this time, we’ll keep your details on file for similar research in the future.)

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