Resurrected Relevance

October 29, 2008 | By Bridget Burns | Entertainment

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A Christie’ s employee wears a Pierre Cardin “satellite cape” valued at GBP 4,000-6,000 (approx 5,000-7,500 euros/6,300-9,440 USD) at a press viewing of items from the “Resurrection: Avant Garde Fashion” auction at Christie’s in London. The auction takes place on October 30 and features many items from the pioneering resource for vintage and historic modern clothing; “Resurrection”.

These pieces look amazingly current.  Were the designers ahead of their time or are always looking back for inspiration?  Probbaly a little bit of both.  If you’re hard up for cash, perhaps this would be a good time to rummage through your closet to see if you have pieces by the designers in the Christie’s auction catalog, such as Courreges, Hermes, Cardin, Rudi Gernreich, Ossie Clark and Seditionaries.  The auction is likely to drive prices up on vintage items by these designers on Ebay in a ripple effect.  See some pieces by the featured designers in action from our archive here.

Courtesy of Christie’s – Paul Schutzer//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

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