Getting to Work in Dharamsala

October 29, 2008 | By Helen Tapping | News, Photography, Photojournalism

Today was exciting for us as we met up with the other participants of the Bridges to Understanding workshop this morning. We checked out of the Florence Hotel in Delhi, which inexplicably had paintings of Vermont in each guest room, and are ready to fly up to Dharamsala.

Our Bridges group is small but articulate. Kim, Elizabeth, Owen, Pat, my husband Chris and myself. Getty Images is sponsoring me to attend this workshop and I am nervous but anxious to meet the students and get going.

After a flight on a tiny and fairly unstable plane, we landed in a landscape the exact opposite to Delhi – snow capped mountains, lush green landscapes and most noticeably, a lot less trash.

We traveled for about an hour up many steep and windy roads and finally arrived at the TCV (Tibetan children village) and checked into the guest house on campus. It has simple rooms but is clean and comfortable.

After a dinner of traditional Tibetan food (white rice and vegetables) cooked by Pema, the housekeeper, we chatted a bit and then fell asleep wearing all of our clothes including a wool hat (it’s freezing in the mountains and the building is not heated).

Despite the best efforts of the many barking dogs, we finally crashed. Tomorrow we meet the students!

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