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October 9, 2008 | By Bridget Burns | Creative

Matthew Peyton/Getty Images Entertainment – Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Today the new Bob Dylan album, Tell Tale Signs , a collection of rare and unreleased material from 1989-2006 was released to rave reviews.  The album is part of the Bootleg Series, Volume 8 and received a glowing write-up with a four and a half star rating from Rolling Stone Magazine.

A bearded man with a preference for plaids sits next to me at the office.  His name is Mitch Blank.  If you watched the closing credits for Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home, you might have chuckled at his credit: “Hypnotist Collector”, a reference to lyrics in “She Belongs to Me”.  The credit is appropriate because Blank is afterall, “THE world’s premier Dylan archivist”.  Mitch Blank was instrumental in selecting the songs that appeared on the (three) discs that comprise Tell Tale Signs and he is mentioned in the liner notes (pg.s 4-5).

Getty Images is the proud distributor of Bob Dylan imagery spanning the musician’s career from the late 1950′s to the present.  You may notice some material in the lightbox is from “Blank Archives”.  That’s Mitch too!

Blank also consulted on the recently published, A Freewheelin’ Time, written by Dylan’s one time girlfriend, Suze Rotolo.  You know her as the gal walking down Jones Street in the West Village under Dylan’s Arm on the Cover of 1963′s Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan.  What better time than now to take these two works in tandem?

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