What on earth do they all do?

August 10, 2008 | By Gerard McGovern | Olympics, Sport

When you send out to Beijing the largest Olympic team in our history, you need to do a bit of work behind the scenes to make sure they can all do their jobs.

And that’s where the big bunch of cables comes in.

Every photograph you see from Getty Images at the 2008 Olympics has travelled across the cables and equipment you can see above. Really, every photo.

And those are just the cables for our office in the Main Press Centre; what you can’t see is the 10km of cable that is installed in 31 venues across Beijing. You also can’t see the 8 terabytes (over 8000 gigabytes, or 500 iPhones) of storage we have to cope with the thousands of photos we will shoot each.

Already we have shot more than we did during the whole of Athens 2004 and we are only mid-way through Day 2; a truly amazing, and possibly frightening, statistic.

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