It was the night before Christmas

August 7, 2008 | By Gerard McGovern | Olympics, Sport

Feng Li – Getty Images Sport

This is it.

The entire Getty Images team is nearly at Day 0; the day of the opening ceremony. For the last week we’ve been shooting previews, getting to know Beijing, having the occasional hour to relax but tomorrow is when it all starts for real.

Beijing 2008 will be like no other Olympics and the team we have out here reflects that. More photographers, more editors, more IT, more sales; more of everything.

More Olympic ‘virgins’ too.

Almost a third of the staff we have in Beijing have never been to a summer Olympics before, myself included. But the other two thirds underline the experience and knowledge we have in covering this great event and when working together we are able to produce outstanding photography that lasts through generations.

Time to try and get some sleep and put to the back of our minds the one billion people across the globe who will be watching tomorrow.

It’s going to be a long night …

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