Royal Ascot 2008

June 18, 2008 | By admin | Entertainment


Chris Jackson/Getty Images 

Royal Ascot, traditionally one of the highlights of both the Social and Royal calendars is naturally also one of the photographic highlights of the year.  For a photographer, the day normally starts with keeping an eye on the gate to the Royal enclosure entrance thus ensuring that any of the important guests don’t slip through the net.  It’s sometimes difficult trying to get something a bit ‘different’ to everyone else, so slipping off for a wander can often provide some more exclusive and creative pictures but at the same time running the risk of missing the action at the front gate! It was on one of these wanders I decided to brave the packed area around the front of the main building next to the racetrack and see if there was anything exciting going on in the Royal Box. Luckily a number of the Royals were up there and I managed to get some nice candid shots of them looking relaxed and behaving as any ‘normal’ family might. 

Princess’ Beatrice and Eugenie looked very animated as they cheered on the horses, arms waving in the air and shouting enthusiastically.  Then to the left of the Box was a beaming Zara Philips who ran over to greet her uncle, Prince Charles in an uncharacteristic display of emotion making a great sequence of pictures.  Having captured a lot of the Royal family in the past I know that this type of affection is pretty rare so I ran off to file from the press room in time for next day’s papers (this particular image made the front page of the Daily Mail, Mirror and the Telegraph). 


Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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