Team Sport Coverage Requires Teamwork

May 30, 2008 | By Bruce Bennett | Creative

Three games down and who knows how many more to go. Detroit took the first two and then on to Pittsburgh where the home team triumphed. So we’re in Pittsburgh for games 3 and 4 and another 4-1/2 hour bus ride back to Detroit for game 5.

In this blog, I will dissect the coverage of game three in Pittsburgh. Besides the actual game, I assigned coverage for the pre-game fan scene outside as well as the post game press conference. Usually assigned to those events are the photographers who aren’t doing remote cameras as they need to be turned just prior to the game time and then pulled down afterwards.

Viewing the arena map, each number is delineated below:


1. From a TV booth, Dave Sandford had a 400mm trained on the north end net.

2. Jamie Sabau shot the whole ice from a spot on the concourse with a 300mm and an occasional 70-210.

3. Jim McIsaac had the honor of shooting through milky Plexiglas at ice level. A 70-210mm along with a 16-35 for grab shots covered the action did the job.

4. A camera in the net with a 15mm lens was triggered by Bruce Bennett from his position, #9.

5. Remote: A camera at the base of the boards with a 14mm lens was also triggered by Bruce as this cameras radio receiver was on the same frequency as the netcam enabling both to fire simultaneously.

6. Remote:Jamie Sabau fixed his camera up high on a TV camera pole behind the net to shoot through a 3” opening between glass sections behind the net.

7. Remote: On a high platform, Jim McIsaac placed a 300mm focused on the south end net. The platform also provided Christian Petersen a good vantage point for arena overview images in the opening moments of the game.

8. Dave Sanford took up a concourse position and could shoot the whole ice with a 300mm.

9. Bruce Bennett shot from the visiting runway with a 70-210 and a 16-35.

Anthony Jacobs and Bob Covington had arranged to have the arena ‘wired’ for us. The photographers at rink side had their laptops networked with the editors. At timeouts, digital cards were fed into laptops and sent back to editors to save time. Runners picked up digital cards from other photographers to transport by hand to the editing room, and AJ Messier helped out again at Stanley Cup this year by attending to remotes by pulling cards, changing batteries, and pulling remotes down.

In total, about 6,700 images hit the editors with over 220 making it up to our site within 24 hours of the event.

Images are all from remotes:

1. Dave Sandford’s 400mm from the opposite end of the ice


Dave Sandford/Getty Images

2. Bruce Bennett’s netcam


Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

3. Bruce’s Dasher cam with a 14mm from behind the net


Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
4. Jamie Sabau’s TV pole cam


Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

5. Jim McIsaac with a 300mm from the opposite end of the ice


Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

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