Big City, Big Money, Who Knows About The Sex…

May 28, 2008 | By Clint Froehlich | Creative

Kevin Mazur / WireImage/Getty Images

Box office analysts are facing quite a pickle with their projections for the Fab Four’s opening weekend. As every part of the industry is completely dominated by male stars, male interests, and male fanboys, no one knows what to make of these crazy movies that come along once in a while that women are actually interested in. In other words, films that do not devote 30+ minutes to the building of metal suits used for flying around like a jackass saving helpless big-breasted damsels.

Of course I’m talking about Sex and the City: The Movie, which could be the biggest female-skewing blockbuster of all time (unless you count The Sound of Music). Opening day ticket sales on Fandango are absolutely through the roof. Though you can’t count on the New York City media market as an accurate gauge of the country as a whole, it’s still telling that almost every single showing of SATC between 5 pm and midnight on Friday in Manhattan is sold out. That’s nuts. Star Wars doesn’t hit those kind of numbers. My guess, woefully uneducated, is that SATC will do AT LEAST $45 million this weekend, and could do much more.

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