April 28, 2008 | By Guy Merrill | Creative

I recently went to see ‘You, the Living‘ (‘Du Levande’) – an interesting and truly strange film by Roy Andersson – who was once quite accurately referred to as “a slapstick Ingmar Bergman“. It’s a surreal, meandering film – basically a hipster, European sketch comedy show – but in the end I found it quite entertaining. What really struck me, however, was how incredibly considered every single scene is – set and lit like a photograph. This photographic feel is only bolstered by the fact that the camera moves only twice in the entire film. To top it off – almost every scene (interiors and exteriors) were sets, painstakingly constructed in a studio.

It’s worth checking out – if anything for a bit about a man who ends up being sentenced to the death penalty for unsuccessfully attempting the old tablecloth trick at a posh dinner party.

I wonder if these new Jagermeister ads (who knew they had ads?) were inspired by Mr. Andersson – there’s a similar feel. Quite a funny little set of ads – great colour pallette.



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