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March 14, 2008 | By Bridget Burns | Entertainment

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Mena Suvari wore a Rasta costume to Christian Audigier’s One World show, during LA fashion week on Thursday. She accessorized the Audigier designed, Crystal Rock t-shirt with a tam-tam hat and over-sized earrings. Mena’s look might be a bit contrived considering the organic, improvised aesthetic from which it borrows, but she looks cute yet polished nonetheless.

The colors of the Rastafarian flag are ubiquitous today but years ago, the red/yellow/green combo seemed to be reserved for Reggae enthusiasts or worn on the backpacks of adolescents next to a pot leaf patch or Grateful Dead symbol. Outside of Jamaica, those who displayed the theme were probably pledging allegiance to marijuana, Bob Marley or generic rebellion.

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The Rastafarian inspired looks donned by celebrities are a sanitized edit of some very high flair clothing worn in Jamaica. The 1970s films, Rockers and The Harder They Come are great fashion inspiration for someone who wants to see more or less authentic vintage Jamaican Reggae aesthetics.

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With the resurgence in the popularity of Dancehall Reggae music in the early 2000s and the influence of musician cum fashion designer Gwen Stefani (remember her son is named Kingston!) : beanies, tricolor bands and the yellow, red and green pallette were woven into celebrity wardrobes over the past few years. Check out this lightbox to see some of the originals and those inspired by them. Whose take on the look do you like better?

Mena Suvari/Peter Tosh, Bijou Phillips/LAMB, Jimmy Cliff/Lee “Scratch” Perry

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