Pre-Grammys: This Is How We Do It

February 10, 2008 | By Gerard McGovern | Creative


It’s not just about the photographers. Sure, they capture those moments in time that will, hopefully, live for generations but in today’s fast-paced world you need more than just a talented photographer.

The ethos behind what we do is this; a photo is worthless if it is sitting in a camera.

To share our great photos with the world takes a huge team, part of which you can see above. Right now at the Grammys we have 15 photographers but we also have over 25 editors, technicians, runners and managers on site. It’s a huge operation that ensures we can get our photos out as quickly as possible.

Each photo goes through a well rehearsed process to travel from the camera to our site and clients.

At regular intervals the photographers will hand their memory cards to a runner. As the name would suggest, these guys and girls literally run the cards to our editing team. Fitness and focus are essential attributes for a modern entertainment runner.

Once we’ve received the cards, they are placed into our editing system. This consists of a collection of servers and laptops all working together in perfect harmony. Some of the editing team will pick out the best photos, others will then go on to crop and check the images and finally the remaining members of the team will write a description for each photo.

With us expecting to take over 30,000 photos, you probably are now beginning to see why we need this team and the technical setup. That many photos takes up roughly 250 gigabytes of space, or if you prefer, 33 iPod Nanos.

So hopefully now when you see one of our photos you will have a slightly better insight as to how it ended up on your screen, your newspaper or wherever you see our work.

As for the Grammys themselves, arrivals are in full swing and the show is about to start. And the winner is …

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