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January 22, 2008 | By Clint Froehlich | Entertainment

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The Oscar nominations were announced today. If you haven’t heard about them, what made you into such a loser? Go find a dark corner and read about the economy, LOSER!

Let’s get one thing out of the way – these are the best nominations the Academy has handed out in years. Unfortunately for AMPAS, this has more to do with 2007′s rare intersection of quality and high-profile talent than with any totalizing decision to not give away Oscars to crap like Crash. As always though, a few were kicked out of the party. A rundown:

Amy Adams for ‘Enchanted’ – Many saw Adams as a lock for a Best Actress nomination. Enchanted was enchanting, and made a lot of money. Oh well.

Denzel Washington for anything – You’ve had your turn Denzel.

Tim Burton for ‘Sweeney Todd’ – This wouldn’t be that shocking if they hadn’t given Jason Reitman a nomination for Juno. Really? Did I miss the superb direction?

Angelina Jolie for ‘A Mighty Heart’ – This is an oversight. Cate Blanchett’s hammy turn in Elizabeth: The Golden Age beat this out?

Keira Knightley for ‘Atonement’ – Come on! She looked so insanely hot!

Paul Dano for ‘There Will Be Blood’ – A brilliant, intense performance left behind in a crowded category.

‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’ for Best Picture - Don’t get me started on the foreign-language film situation. Regardless, Diving Bell had a good shot here, but apparently Michael Clayton made a better impression, because that ending was just so real, you know? That’s exactly how corporate malfeasance cases get resolved. George Clooney comes in and shuts down the Ice Queen. So bleak. So real. Props to the Academy for Julian Schnabel’s Director nod though!

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