The joys of planning for the Olympics

January 19, 2008 | By Gerard McGovern | Olympics, Sport

British Airways 777 crash landing at Heathrow
Gerard McGovern/Getty Images

On Thursday a British Airways 777 jet suffered difficulties when approaching Heathrow, had to land on grass 1000 feet short of the runway and by some miracle stayed in one piece. No loss of life and only minor injuries to less than 15 out of 136 passengers on board.

The flight that crashed was BA38 from Beijing. We were due to take off on BA39 later that afternoon; the same plane returning to Beijing.

There a few moments in life that make you sit back and think what might have been. This was certainly one of them.

All credit to British Airways as they found a replacement jet and we were on our way with only a four hour delay. The next week here in China will be spent in many meetings, planning our technical and photographical coverage for the Games this Summer.

Hopefully the weather will be much better come August 8th; currently it is a chilly -5.

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