Deadline Hollywood Reached

January 14, 2008 | By Clint Froehlich | Creative

Matthew Simmons / WireImage/Getty Images

Nikki Finke is going offline until January 22nd. Nooooooooooo! We live for The Finkester! During the WGA strike, her blog has been a constant source of amusement, especially when assessing how self-important Hollywood can be during a time of crisis. It seems all the strike shenanigans have left Finke exhausted, and she’s taking a rest.

Latest strike news: the DGA engaged in marathon negotiations over the weekend with evil Sauron of the AMPTP. Many are predicting that a new contract approved by both sides could emerge as soon as today, putting a major dent in the longevity of the WGA strike. If approved, the WGA could accept the deal for themselves and put an end to all this business. Here’s hoping!

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