Compass Golden Overseas

January 9, 2008 | By Clint Froehlich | Creative

Don Arnold / WireImage/Getty Images

It’s typical of America-centric Hollywood pundits to completely ignore international territories in box office reports. While the demise of New Line has been proclaimed in the media, its supposed cause – “The Golden Compass” – has been quietly raking in mountains of cash overseas. $233 million and counting, to be exact. Add in the pathetic U.S. gross and Compass is around $300 million. After worldwide DVD receipts, the film will probably make a small profit. Pretty impressive considering how bad it bombed in the U.S.

Neither New Line or director Chris Weitz has said anything about the sequels, which would likely be even more costly than the first (the books are insane). With the promising international performance and millions of Americans finding the first film on DVD, they could get green-lit. Here’s hoping!

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