Behind the Green Monster

October 26, 2007 | By Jed Jacobsohn | Sport


Having been lucky enough to have traveled to most baseball parks in the United States, I can safely say that Fenway Park in Boston is the crown jewel of them all. One does not have to be a Red Sox fan to appreciate the history of the ballpark and the memories that have taken place here. There are so many aspects to the park that make it unique, from the obstructed view seats, to Pesky Pole in right field, to the famous green monster in right field.


The Green Monster is the most famous left field wall in sports, measuring 37 feet tall and only 310 feet from home plate. In a time of brand new ballparks with fancy concourses and luxury boxes, Fenway is a throwback to the old school. It still has a manually operated scoreboard that keeps track of everything from each ball and strike but also the score of every game being played, all by hand. Every player who comes to Fenway wants to go out to the Monster because of its lore.


This year, the mystique of the Green Monster and Fenway park will mostly likely be strengthened by another World Series championship by the Red Sox. If this happens, the Sox maybe on their way to establishing themselves as a dynasty team. They no longer will be living under the shadow of the Yankees in the East and will have firmly established themselves, and their ballpark, as the best there is.


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