World Series 2007

October 25, 2007 | By Jed Jacobsohn | Sport

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The October Classic returns to Boston this year after another come-from-behind-win from the Red Sox over the Cleveland Indians to advance to baseball’s ultimate goal – the World Series. This year they face the Colorado Rockies, who leisurely advanced 8 days ago, having won all of their previous play-off games to reach the series.

After the Red Sox’ miraculous run in 2004 to beat the Yankees, eventually to win the World Series and break the “curse of the Bambino,” they are back again, but this time there is a different feeling in the air.

In 2004, there was a sense of unbelievable, cautious excitement throughout the series with the entire Red Sox nation wondering if this could really happen. Could they actually break the curse? This year there is a much cockier, confident feeling around Fenway with the fans already feeling that the series is in the bag – especially after the game one trouncing of the Rockies. There is a significant change in the attitude about the Red Sox. No longer are they a second class baseball team, but they have firmly established themselves as the team to beat in baseball.


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The Colorado Rockies had a similar swagger when they came into the series, having won 18 out of 19 of their last games of the year. The feeling before game one is that it would be  a clash of two titans, two of baseball’s hottest teams colliding on the biggest stage. But after the 13th run was scored and fans started making football references to the score, you knew that there was some disparity between the two teams. Hopefully, the Rockies win today and redeem themselves for all of their hard work and a great baseball team leading up to this point. Hopefully they won’t end up another footnote for the mighty Boston Red Sox machine.



Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images


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