Tales from the 2007 U.S. Open

September 18, 2007 | By Michael Heiman | Creative

August came to a close this year in New York and in the sports world that means only one thing. The U.S Open is about to start!!!

This year, like every other year for the past few decades staffers and stringers for Getty Images have converged on the USTA Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens with one thing in mind. Do what we do best, make pictures at the United States’ biggest and baddest tennis event.

For those of you not familiar with the U.S. Open, it is 14 days of tennis at one of the sports most famous venues (maybe not the MOST famous but one of them!). The U.S Open isn’t just about the tennis, it is also a showcase for New York and the stands are usually filled with many A-list celeberities.

Below are some behind the scenes pics of the event and also some link to a multimedia piece I put together.


Wait for it Clive wait for it!!!!!


Any chance????


Down here dude!


May I see your ticket sir?


Only four more sets………………


Jonathan and wife Debbie, adjust to their new surroundings.


Trust me it looks WAY bigger on TV.




Sometimes it takes a village!! (not pictured Elsa, Jim and Janey)

If you’d liked to see what an event like the U.S. Open does to a person over 14 days please click the image below.

(Make sure to turn up your volume)


To view all of the images posted from this years U.S. Open click here

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  • http://www.marcotogni.it Marco Togni

    The video is nice and original. ;-)
    Thank you!

  • Kittie Wong

    Love the wardrobe, Mike. Like you didn’t shave during th Open. Did you eer go a full beard? Nice job. Very cute. :-)

  • J. Bruce Baumann

    What! No dancing, drinking or eating great good?

  • Rod Millington

    How did you get a sunburn after being cooped-up in that small work room for 14 days?

  • Andrew Samaniego

    I like this blog because it takes us behind the scenes at a major sporting event! Great shots, and video.