It’s not all about rugby

September 10, 2007 | By Gerard McGovern | Creative

The Town Hall at Arras

France is a country steeped in history and during the Rugby World Cup we will be fortunate enough to see some of it first hand. Arras is small town, just outside of Lens where England had a less than convincing victory over the United States.

Famous for the ‘Battle of Arras‘ during World War One, the town sustained significant damage and virtually had to be rebuilt. Part of the rebuild included the Town Hall which can be seen above. After a long day of travelling and working, to be sitting eating dinner in such a historic town was both a pleasure and privilege.

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  • Brigitte Mantel

    Hi! Thanks a lot for reminding us that France is a country of treasures! and even Paris will always be Paris, there are many locations to enjoy ! Regards.