Beijing Olympics – Only One More Year To Go

August 27, 2007 | By Megan McKay | Olympics, Sport


There’s less than 365 days left until the Olympic torch is in Beijing. To celebrate this milestone, 40 iconic Olympic images from Getty Images are now on display on WangFu Jiang Street.

WangFu Jiang Street, known as “the golden street,” is located in the heart of Beijing. It’s the main commercial and cultural center in the area and is visited by 400,000-500,000 people every day.

Earlier in the year, Beijing celebrated a 500 day countdown and a very similiar campaign was used to capture the spirit of the games and get everyone excited. This time around, our images are even bigger. Twenty Getty Images photos are as big as billboards (1.6*1 m) and are located in front of the book store. Another 20 images appear on banners that hang from light poles along the main street.


This is an exciting time, not only for the athletes, coaches and fans preparing for the games, but also for the photographers, editors and everyone at Getty Images. The spirit of competition is in the air!


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