The Best and Worst of Rio de Janeiro

July 31, 2007 | By Streeter Lecka | Creative

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

A diver practices for the men’s 10 meter platform diving competition at the Aquatic Center on July 26, 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Best drink: Caiparinha

Worst drink: Too many caiparinhas

Best suprise fast food: Mcdonalds hut on the beach in Copacabana

Worst fast food: Bobs or whatever it was that made me sick for two days

Best food: Porcao

Most awkward thing: Peeing on ice in bathrooms

Best event: Sailing

Toughest sport to shoot: Boxing

Hardest thing to do: Explain anything

Most asked question: When does the bus come?Question most asked to me: Are you from Estados Unidos?

Coolest thing to see each day: The cristo (corcavado)

Cruelest joke: Our hotel on the beach, because we haven’t been there yet and I’ve been here 3 weeks.

Worst day: Loosing 2 cameras at the water ski event which due to high wind was cancelled. The same day, not enough wind caused the cancellation of sailing.

Thing that got old fastest: The daily hour (plus) ride to the main press center.

Told most often: “You can’t be there.”

Most intimidating: Force national checking accredidation with machine guns.

Best problem solver: I am “Denis” (nickname) from the Getty Images’ Sao Paulo office. Without him, surviving would have been impossible. Special thanks to you!

Best thing: The team assembled to cover the games: Harry, Rebecca, Jeff, Donald, Denis

Life savers: Leo and Camila from boc who took care of me when first getting to Brazil – including a special shopping trip when I had gone a week without my luggage.

Scariest thing: Being on the road in any sort of transportation. They drive crazy here but as Denis says “this is normal.”

Best looking venue: Joa Havalange

Worst looking venue: Zico Football Center

Oddest moment: Sitting in the jungle waiting for the bikes to fly by.

Best moment: Closing ceremonies

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images 

Closing ceremonies at the XV 2007 Pan American Games. 

Best distraction: My iPod

Toughest thing to do: Get in to any event

Best thing to do: Take photos at events

Biggest pet peeve: Everyone stands in front of every entrance or exit and any other place I have to go while dragging all my gear.

Most thankful for: A blessed, safe trip, full of adventures and new learning experiences.

Here I am on the pool deck in action shooting the diving practice session before the finals.

Thank you Brazil!

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  • Marco Togni

    I think this post is interesting and quite funny.
    It’s sad that you lost 2 cameras. Does it happen often that professional photographers lost cameras?
    Thank you for posting.

  • Loren Aldridge

    Streeter you really need a hair cut!!!!

  • Ker

    Was just about to mention you need a trip to the barbers but i see someone has beaten me to it!