Helping Hand

April 5, 2007 | By Shane Cisneros | Creative

Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Lauren Conrad joins The Environmental Media Association and E! Entertainment Television in planting one tree for each of the eight-hundred guests who attended their most recent Golden Globes party at TreePeople Headquarters in Los Angeles. Internet reports have recently surfaced than Conrad may have engaged in less-the-becoming behavior with her soon-to-be-jailed ex-boyfriend Jason Wahler caught on camera.

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  • matt

    hey lauren i think that u are a really sweet girl much better then heidi and u are really ho to go with that!! stay cool

  • Lori

    i love you lauren. i fell so bad for you, i had a friend just like that. but you get over it, but i still see her everyday. Hope you find a great guy.

    Love you Lori!!


    I LOVE LAUREN , IM THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, i love your program….love you lauren.

  • kelsey

    Your soo coool! I feel so bad for u, i cant belive heide chose spencer over you! im totaly on your side!

  • özge

    hey lauren!!i love u so much..!!and i wish i have friends like u and heidi!!:s

  • http://GOOGLE fay mohad

    lauren U R agood friend and hope 2 be ur friend and im from dubai my email

  • jesey

    uhh just watching that show makes me so angry, i just want to shoot spencer, not really, but i hope that their first child comes out without any eyebrows(nothing to harsh) but i love ya stay strong and remember without suffering there would be no compassion!!

  • http://google Lilian

    hi Lauren. i only have to say one thing.. friends like you
    cannot be found ever.. i think you are a very special person.
    im with you.. its frustating have problems with someone who loves
    and that person its not with you when you needed but you have a lot of people who loves you.. so dont worry you ll be find…
    you are one of the persons who i admire.. you are a very smart ans sweet girl. you are the best..=) love you Lauren.

  • Kira

    Hey Lauren
    ur such a sweetheart. Your such a great inspirtion on me lauren to go in the fashion bussiness. I LOVE YOU GIRLY!

  • leighton

    omgsh i totally love this girl, i want to marry her!! :)

  • Kelsey

    Did you and brody really hook up

  • Priscilia Tancongsonery

    Love you so much…..

    btw i come from indonesia………

    would u come here someday????????


  • cheeky

    LC you a hottie!!!

  • Leslie

    Lauren you are the most awsome person ever I feel like i have known you for ever. Actually have half of my school convinced that you are my sister. Just because we have the same initials, some people will blieve anything.

    Love ya like a sis
    Little LC