NCAA Final Four Prep

March 31, 2007 | By Michael Heiman | Creative

The days leading up to the final four are no walk in the park. For the editors and the photographers making sure everything is set up correctly takes careful planning and discussion. Shooting positions needs to be set up, remotes need to be hung and secured and our computers, cameras and networks need to be configured.


Staff photographer Streeter Lecka sets a remote up in the cat walk of the Georgia Dome. (Photo by Travis Lindquist)


One of our remote camera’s points down to the court below. (Photo by Travis Lindquist)


Tech guru Bob Covington helps staff photographer Streeter Lecka fix his camera. (Photo by Michael Heiman)

This year’s final four team consists of staff photographers Andy Lyons, Streeter Lecka, Win McNamee, tech guru Bob Covington, sports assignment editors Travis Lindquist and myself.


For me, it’s my first Final Four and having worked the last three rounds and the Big East Tournament before that, I have a pretty good idea of what to expect. But, I am sure that something out of the ordinary will happen as always seems to be the case with big events.



The Florida Gators (R) practice as the media work (L). Photo by Win McNamee)



Click here to see the coverage captured so far.

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  • Mark Zanzig

    Awesome post. I especially like Michael Heiman’s shot of Bob “helping” Streeter to fix the camera. Very, very funny. The photo makes me wonder, though: 1) Why needed the camera “a fix”? 2) Where did Bob get the hammer? Does it belong to the standard tools of tech gurus? ;-) Anyway, keep up the good work.