Stunning Scarlett

March 5, 2007 | By Shane Cisneros | Entertainment


Eric Ryan/ Getty Images

Jessica Biel has been charming the hearts of Paris fashion week audiences with her incredible physique and gorgeous face but Miss Biel is not the only style star to walk the mean Parisian streets. In a dress that fit like a glove, Scarlett Johansson made the fashion week entrance at Louis Vuitton fall/ winter 2007-2008 show complete with bouffant hairdo and towering platforms. Is it any wonder she has been asked to do the prestigious Louis Vuitton ad campaign not once but twice?

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  • linda

    Both Jessica Biel And Scarlett Johansson are NOT fashion icons AT ALL! Jessica’s style is plain and boring, but it’s cute…but Scarlett’s is just plain UGLY! Look at her shoes!! Atrocious! Her hair looks fried and dried out. And her purse looks like a very old fashioned grandma’s shopping bag. Her dress is cute yeah, even though it looks like a drawn on wall paper.

    Ok I’ll say one nice thing: she’s slimmed down a little. But still, when it comes to fashion, don’t look up to her!

  • Foxy

    Did she really look at herself in the mirror and damn i look good. Its a crying shame