Jettin’ Jessica

March 1, 2007 | By Shane Cisneros | Entertainment


Eric Ryan/ Getty Images

The always ladylike and well-behaved Jessica Biel caused a scandal at the Stella McCartney fall/winter 2007 show when she left shortly after the lights went down. Reports have surfaced that Biel fell ill during the show due to jet-lag from her flight from Los Angeles to Paris. She did make an apperance at Chanel later in the day. Eric Ryan caught the stunning actress just before the show was about to begin looking flawless.

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  • privdoll

    Well behaved yes she is. Lady like? uh no. She’s sneaky and gets away with it, but she’s out there showing just as much of her body as the rest of them. But she’s smart enough to do it without screaming on top of lungs for us to look at her. I like her, but media needs to stop with the lady like BS. Don’t add that stuff in, you don’t have to. When you do, it draws attention to posing, half her naked butt in photos, see through tops with out a bra etc. Let her do her thing her way and she’ll keep getting away with it.