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February 6, 2007 | By Tim Kitchen | Creative

Are you feeling a little bit let down by 2007, after being named Time magazine’s Person of the Year of 2006? Maybe you need a little bit of Learning to Love You More, a web site / art exhibition consisting of responses from creatives worldwide to mission-like assignments which encourage enhancing your own experience. (It’s a bit like Charlie’s Angels, but with more thinking, less jiggling.) The assignments are whimsical, introspective, and stimulate creativity and positivity by challenging participants to cherish memories and embrace the everyday. Personally I have bookmarked it and check in every once in a while as a nice reminder people are constantly creating. Some of my favorites:

Assignment #1
Make a child’s outfit in an adult’s size.
Madrid, SPAIN


Assignment #43
Make an exhibition of the art in your parent’s house
Nina Yuen
Ninole, Hawaii USA


When I was a kid, I liked this, the head was a bowl and the dress was a cup, and my mom let me eat and drink from it when I was sick.

Assignment #55
Photograph a significant outfit
“What I was wearing when I met her.”
Kevin Taylor
Houston, Texas USA

The “Charlies” of LTLYM are artists Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July, and if you like the site, you’ll love Me and You and Everyone We Know, Miranda July’s feature film.
Learning to Love You More

Harrell Fletcher

Miranda July


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