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January 31, 2007 | By Carol Shayne | News

The Emerging Products Picture Editor position is only a year old here at the big G. There are two of us doing it, based in New York City, at the mouth of the Holland Tunnel. Chris Hondros shot this picture from the ‘bubble’, where we sit in the big, dirty, noisy urban jungle:


Basically, we select News, Sports and Entertainment images that are wholly owned, publish them to a third party platform that sends the product called Picturecast each morning and afternoon to cell phone subscribers in the USA. It is available to subscribers on Sprint, Cingular, Boost and Nextel for a monthly fee. It is like publishing a little newspaper each day, and with few restrictions, we can use all the images on our Editorial site. We have to keep up with breaking news so it’s all ready for publishing time (8am and 6pm EST). The News screen looks like this:

News on Picturecast

Editing for little mobile screens restricts our choices, one thing to consider is how it will read. It’s great when we get great jubo shots like this:

But the emotion on the faces is not going to read well small, so we choose another shot or crop it. Another consideration is our audience range. Lots of 13-year old kids out there have their own cell phones and we must be careful not to offend. Needless to say, although we had fun stuff a few weeks ago from AVN Expo that Justin Sullivan shot, we did not use it. My personal favorite finds are animals, but when we have awesome images from award shows like the Oscars or Olympus Fashion Week, it is like being a kid in a candy store. We also provide Cingular with a selection of NFL and College football images for their ‘Week in Pictures’. There are other exciting things in the pipeline, which I probably should not let out of the bag just yet. Watch this space.

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