Did The Olsen Twins Trade Places?

January 31, 2007 | By Shane Cisneros | Entertainment

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are fashion chameleons constantly being photographed for magazines in search of the next big trend. Photographers have always had trouble identifying which twins was which but it seems like the girls haves traded looks identified with them for most of 2006. Mary-Kate was known as the honey-blonde-boho-babe with loads of extensions, Ashley, the blonde vamp, but sisterly envy took over and the two have traded places with MK sporting a bleach-blonde goth vibe and Ashley displaying brown tones more in tune with her natural hair color (almost a match to stunning full-brows). In any event, the girls are constantly fascinating and we can wait to see what their next look will be!

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  • http://- joannna

    i love mary-kate and ashley shes my favorite in my live

  • http://www.applepotion.piczo.com meira

    i think they did trade places! hehehhe but i still they think they have talent and look absouloutley stunning as always. oh and tonight at 9:30
    is mary-kate and ashley born to be on much! i love u mk and ash !

  • john doe

    i think they look terrible they look zombie,their too skinny and the blonde one really needs to die her roots and lighter lipstick and darker make-up

  • http://bebo stacey b

    i think you are great i love you too i all ways have warted to meat you it will be my dream come true and i really wont you to see my nan befor she dies she likes you to and it will be a dream come true for my nan to thank you

  • nevena and jelena

    you are so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nevena and jelena

    we love you!!!!!!!!!!