Sundance Day 1

January 19, 2007 | By Annemarie Beliard | Creative

The Place: Park City, UT

The Weather: COLD!!!

The Sky: Clear & Blue

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this already, but I am a marketing person at Getty Images, and while I am familiar with the work of our photographers as well as with the many events we cover from afar, this is my first time in the field. I am excited not only because I love films and I love Park City, but because I get insight into all the work that goes into capturing all the facets of a festival of this magnitude.

The bulk of the team at this event is from our photography team – we have photographers, assignment editors and photo editors. The assignment editor, true to his title, assigns photographers to cover specific events and works to ensure that every angle is covered. He makes sure there is a roaming photographer capturing the street action, makes sure that film premieres are covered, and also does his best to secure access to the best parties. It is not an easy job, but he clearly enjoys it and is very good at it.

The energy in the city today was exciting and somewhat frantic. Sponsors and hosts are setting up their homes for the event – wonderful areas for the film directors, producers and stars to relax and have fun. The city is in the midst of a transformation. Just about every other storefront was in the midst of some sort of activity – signs were being posted, chairs and/or sofas were being delivered, and food was being delivered and prepared.

We started the set up of our Portrait Studio at the Miner’s Club on Main Street today and will finalize that tomorrow. Mark Mainz, one of our photographers (who also cooks a mean chili, which I was lucky enough to enjoy tonight), will begin shooting portraits on Saturday, and these promise to be great shots. We have some amazing talent scheduled to visit our lounge, and I have been told that we always get at least one surprise visit, so that is something else to look forward to.

I (or someone else from the team) will write more tomorrow, but for now, my bed is calling.

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  • Pieter

    You have given us well written reports about what goes on getting ready for the big party. Will you have a chance to do some skiing or snowboarding? Hope you have a good time and get to meet some of big stars. We will keep checking your reports.

  • Onolicious

    I like the way you write… very visual. But what about the window clings and banners?!!

  • James

    Hey, girl!? Way to go with the reports! I feel as though I’m right there with you. I think I know who will be writing the NESC Newsletter for Walla Walla next year! LOL!

    Good luck at the festival; I hope you have a great time and see some great stars!

  • Darcey

    Your blog is great! I had no idea of all the “behind scenes” work that goes into making the photos and stories that I enjoy seeing and reading. Thank you for sharing your experiences in such a descriptive manner so that those of us “normal folk” can feel like we are there too! Please keep writing!