World Series Game 4

October 27, 2006 | By Jed Jacobsohn | Sport


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Tonight’s game 4 victory by the St. Louis Cardinals was a true World Series Classic. The game was back and forth throughout, with many lead changes late into the game. Photographically, the game provided more moments than any of the previous three games. So often, does the quality of the game mirror the quality of the pictures. Tonight was no exception. Shooting a game with so much on the line for both teams, usually leads to defining moments. Hopefully, as a photographer, you are in a position to capture these moments. The good thing about working with a team of photographers is that you have back-up. Chances are, that at least one of our five photographers will have an angle on the key moments.


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There are so many variables that can prohibit you from doing your job at a baseball game. After a home run or any key score, the Fox TV camera man runs onto the field to get a wide angle shot of the action, usually blocking not only his own camera people, but just about everyone else on the field as well. In my opinion, it is both an ugly shot and is disrespectfully to the players and the integrity of the game. Shooting in an elevated position, fans can often block you with a variety of objects, including the dreaded rally towel. Another interesting problem that can occur, especially in cold weather, is heat waves that radiate from the dugouts that, in turn, affect the sharpness of the image. This happened to both and Elsa and myself when shooting from over the dugout.


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With one more win, and a little help from Mother Nature, the St. Louis Cardinals can wrap things up today. In general, I always hope for the winning team to win to at home. The pictures are often much better because of the interaction the players may have with the fans after the game.


Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

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