World Series Game 4 (Rainout)

October 26, 2006 | By Jed Jacobsohn | Sport


Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

The hallway outside of the photo work area in St. Louis is in-between the Tigers and Cardinals clubhouse, with a Fox TV interview room sandwiched in the middle. It turned out to be the hub of rumors/information on the weather. Last night, when nine o’clock rolled around and the rain still failing, no word had come out on the fate of the game. Everyone was trying to find out bits of information either from the green and yellow swirls of pixels on the radar, or just word of mouth. The hallway outside began to resemble a Greyhound bus station. Except for the fact the Hank Aaron, Derek Jeter and members of the Tigers kept walking by. The photographers who are always the most spirited bunch of the media contingent, started playing monopod baseball. Some of the crew being new fathers, just found some time to get a little shut eye. In the end, after all the waiting around, the game was cancelled. There is talk of a three day rainout, which would be, “not so nice!”


Brad Mangin/Getty Images 

Fox broadcaster Chris Myers wakes up new father and Getty Staff photographer Jonathan Daniel from a nap during the rain delay. JD was startled by the impromptu interview, and responded in a typical Chicago fashion. The audio won’t make it onto Fox!

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  • BangTheBook

    More rain on the way looks like another possible washout. Its been soo hard to get into this series with all the rain. Its like 1 game a week it feels like.

  • admin

    I agree with you BangtheBook, it does feel like that. It’s looking good for tonight though…Thanks for the comment.