World Series Game 3

October 25, 2006 | By Jed Jacobsohn | Sport


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As a fan of baseball, pitching duels are compelling stuff, especially during the World Series. The competitiveness of two pitchers shutting down the opposing batters is truly a skillfully thing to watch. Unfortunately, as a photographer, they are the worst thing that can happen to you when you go to work. That was the case during game three tonight.


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The new ballpark in St. Louis is a beautiful, classic downtown park with views of the famous Arch. It is one of the many news ballparks being built in downtown cities. Unfortunately, the designers neglected to put in a sufficient number of photo positions to handle the number of photographers that comes along with covering a World Series. There were grumblings before the game from the many agencies, magazines and newspapers about lack of space on the field to shoot from, and rightfully so. The position I was shooting from at the game, was literally in the aisle, in the front row over the first base dugout. Luckily, the fans around me were very nice, and were fairly accommodating for me to be in their space. Overall, it was a very nice view of the field, but again, it never really provided a chance to make a picture because of the lack of action in the game. So far, in the first three games, there have not been a whole lot of compelling moments for us to capture, but that just mean the best is yet to come! Stay tuned!


Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

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