World Series Game 1

October 22, 2006 | By Jed Jacobsohn | Sport


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The Detroit Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals began game 1 of the World Series tonight in Detroit. Having swept the Oakland Athletics in the ALCS, the well rested Tigers took on the St. Louis Cardinals who were coming off a gut wrenching seven game victory in the NLCS over the New York Mets. In a surprise victory, the Cardinals took 1-0 victory on the Tigers home turf. The top stories being the amazing Albert Pujols, who hit another home run and the previously unknow pitcher Anthony Reyes, who pitched into the ninth inning.


Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Photographically, the game provided few opportunities for pictures…With every photo agency and newspaper carrying 5+ photographers, space was limited in the photo wells. I was shooting in the third base photo well with AP, Reuters, Sports Illustrated, EPA, Wire Image, Mickey Palmer and MLB Photos, plus an MLB film guy. With space as tight as it was, you were physically forced to shoot what the other photographers were shooting or you could be blocking the guy next to you. The challenge is to come up with an image that the person next to you doesn’t have, which is often difficult to do when you are shooting shoulder to shoulder. Having covered a total of ten World Series, this seemed to be the most tightly packed photo well yet. On top of security and the roving Fox camera man, covering the World Series has become more difficult than ever. But still, the job always seems to get done, and done well by Getty Images. Working with colleagues that we have, from the editors to the photographers never really seems like work.

The post game spread was great by World Series standards. Compared to the Yankees, which serves Bud and stale hot dogs, the Tigers, despite the loss, still rolled out the fresh shrimp and crab, and sliced roast beef that was delicious. The open bar for three hours after the game never hurts.

If experience counts for anything, I think we are in for a long series, possibly even seven games. Despite the long hours and hard work away from loved ones, that wouldn’t be a bad thing, considering what a great game baseball is, especially when in comes to October. Stay tuned!


Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

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  • Brad Mangin

    Jed- very cool Blog! I look forward to more updates as the Series moves along. I especially like any and all mentions of Mickey Palmer. Keep up the great work.

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  • admin

    any chance you could ID those good looking people in the photo?