Tour de France, Pau, 12 July 2006: Stage 10

July 13, 2006 | By Bryn Lennon | Creative

“The peloton makes its way towards Pau during stage 10 of the 93rd Tour de France from Cambo-Les-Bains to Pau”

I like this helicopter shot, carrying a French TV camera crew. The helicopters don’t ever usually get this close to the riders, so I was a little surprised to capture this image as they all cycled around the bend. I jumped off the motorbike – after whizzing past the riders – to take this shot (on a 200mm lens) as I often achieve better shots when I’ve got a bit of time to set up a picture, rather than constantly shooting from the back of the bike.

Bryn Lennon Getty Images 4.jpg

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

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  • Marco Togni

    Nice picture Bryn!
    Have you ever had an accident when you took pictures during a cycling competition like Tour de France ?

  • Blaz

    What kind of a stuff are you using for picture transfering during the race? PocketPC? Or do you stop somewhere and transfer it by laptop via email? tnx for answering

  • Marco Togni

    Good question Blaz! Maybe he transfers the pictures when the stage is finished, but I think that many media need pictures in real time.