Tour de France, St-Meen Le-Grand, 9 July 2006: Stage Eight

July 10, 2006 | By Bryn Lennon | Creative

“Yellow jersey holder Serhiy Honchar of Germany and T Mobile prepares for the start of stage 8 of the 93rd Tour de France from St-Meen Le-Grand to Lorient”

Thanks for everyone’s comments and questions, keep them coming. I thought I’d answer them here:

Marco – How many photographers at the finishing line at the end of each stage?

There are approximately 40 photographers at the finishing line of each stage, although this does vary. Each photographer is given either a green, blue, orange or white bib (green being priority positioning at the front and white bibs positioned furthest from the line).

Herman – Do you use auto-focus or pre-focus?

I tend to use auto-focus for most of my shots, including the finishing line. Occasionally, I’ll use pre-focus for a wide-angle lens, but it’s quite tricky to alter the camera once I’m on the back of a bike, with a helmet on (and with a flash gun attached to it!).

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Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

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  • Marco Togni

    Thank you very much for your answers! I really hope to become a good sport photographer one day and your answers are very interesting for me!
    Thank you again.

  • Adam Cairns

    Did you mean to say that you have the flash gun attached to the camera or attached to your helmet? If it’s the latter, I’d be interested to hear how the helmet flash worked out for you and how you managed to rig it up.