England v Portugal, 1 July 2006, Stadium Gelsenkirchen: ‘Sea Of Red Mist’

July 3, 2006 | By Ross Kinnaird | Creative

Rooney’s red mist was the moment when England’s hopes of winning the World Cup slowly ebbed away.

We were beaten by Portugal on German soil with the help of an Argentinean referee. This time the England player in question looks to have been let off the hook. Eight years ago after France 1998, David Beckham was torn to shreds by some of our national newspapers and fans up and down the country. Now, the recipient of this country’s anger and disappointment seems to be at Ronaldo – his every move will now be scrutinised by England fans the world over.

And, like all their supporters, I too am devastated I’ll no longer be tracing England’s foot steps for the remainder of the World Cup 2006. Whatever happens though, the following week proves to be an unmissable one!

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