Baden-Baden: Sven watches training at England’s World Cup base

June 30, 2006 | By Ross Kinnaird | Creative

Sometimes it’s a struggle to capture any action shots from the England training sessions. After covering 17 or more of them in Baden-Baden I can talk you through the first 15 minutes or so with no problem. What happens after that is anyone’s guess!

The players take a slow walk from the coach to a tent (about three minutes). They spend about four minutes putting on their boots and monitors to check their fitness levels. After, they gather around Sven, while he gives them a pep talk (allow two minutes for this).

Once he’s finished, the team runs around the pitch and stretches for approximately six minutes, (waving their arms in the air as they go!). They then group into two circles and kick a football around for a few minutes. That’s when my time is up and the media and photographers are moved onto the press conferences.

Sven meanwhile is left to weave his magic behind closed doors. He must be getting the job done though as England are in the quarter finals, with a great chance of going through…

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Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

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