Training At Bergisch Gladbach, 28 June 2006: Cincinho In Action, Paffrather Street Stadium

June 29, 2006 | By Stuart Franklin | Creative

It was quite a serious afternoon of training today (with a little fun thrown in for good measure!). Our joker, Robinho, returned after a couple of rest days and treatment to his leg injury. Although his training session was much lighter than the rest, you could see he was itching to have ago. When he came onto the pitch in Munich against Australia he didn’t so much arrive, but exploded into action. Any team that may have to play Brazil in extra time will find his energy very hard to contain.

Juninho finished his training a little earlier than the other players and he was joined on the pitch by his two young daughters who had immense fun running around and kicking a ball. When Juninho started to do some press-ups, his youngest daughter joined in as well to help encourage him. Then Fred came over and started kicking the ball around too. It was a great sight to witness and I find it hard to imagine any other team where the coach would allow this. Some cynics may say that it’s easy to be so lenient when you coach the best team in the world but I would say that coach, Parreira and his team have a great attitude as well as a very balanced approach with the players. This, I am sure, is a reflection of Brazilian culture. Coach Parreira believes in family and believes in fun. Who could argue with this approach when they are so successful?

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