Germany V Ecuador, 20 June 2006, Olympiastadion: Photographer Line-up

June 22, 2006 | By Shaun Botterill | Creative

As promised, here’s a shot I took of all the photographers lined up, one-by-one. We’re all trying to get the best shots possible and there’s not a lot of room as you can see!

Shaun Botterill Getty Images 3.jpeg

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

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  • Marco Togni

    Thank you for this photo! All photographers have Canon lenses. :-)

  • Marco Togni

    Hi Shaun, thank you for image #71292543 too. :-)
    In #71292543 there are many photographers at work.
    I hope you write something more soon on this blog.

  • Gary Allen

    Is that a Nikon I see….at 4th from the left?

  • Marco Togni

    Gary, in my opinion yes, this is a Nikon, and if you watch the detail, this camera has a black lace with something of yellow on it so I think it’s a Nikon.

  • Sylvie Gill

    thank you for sharing the photo. as a canonian it is very interesting to see this photo ;). regards from myanmar.