Brazil v Australia, 18 June 2006, Munich: Ronaldinho Flies!

June 18, 2006 | By Stuart Franklin | Creative

I decided to start the day by travelling to the stadium on the train with the fans. I thought this would help me savour the atmosphere and build up to the game even more than just arriving with colleagues in a car. I was not disappointed. From the moment I arrived at the central station the colours of yellow and green surrounded me. The atmosphere from these two countries was incredible. The fans treated each other as though they were united with the Australians even coming equipped with inflatable kangaroos!

The match itself started a little bit nervously and by half time the score of 0-0 was a true reflection of what we had enjoyed. Ronaldo, although not looking like his old self, was much better than he had been in the first match against Croatia. The performance of the whole team was more polished and closer to what we have come to expect from Brazil. But, Australia hadn’t just come to enjoy the sunshine – they had several chances forcing fine saves from goalkeeper, Dida. In the end, the match was competitive but not spectacular. With every match, the Brazilian team’s performance has been improving and although not dazzling it was good fun to watch and work.

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  • Marco Togni

    Hi Stuart, I really like photos of people in front of the stadium that you took yesterday. I’m talking about photos number #71232369, Image # 71232354 , Image # 71232258 , Image # 71232228 etc.
    Did you use only 1 flash to fill in or did you use more than 1 flash? did you use a polarizer filter on the lens of your camera?
    Thank you