Brazilian training session, Konigstein: Dida On The Ball

June 16, 2006 | By Stuart Franklin | Creative

The press conference turned into an autograph session as members of the international media clambered to get the signature of the Brazilian star Ronaldinho. Questions where asked and answered in several languages but perhaps the one of the most important ones gave the simplest answer: ‘Are you worried about Ronaldo?’ Answer: ‘No’. I have the feeling that the team don’t think about weaknesses – only their strengths.

Ronaldinho was wearing his diamond studded earring R10 – the number ten being his shirt number. It sparkled under the camera lights in much the same way as he sparkles under the flood lights on the pitch.

At today’s training session there were a lot less media than yesterday, but still a focus on Ronaldo’s health. The level of training has stepped up a gear. There was a larger emphasis on scoring goals than there has been for the past week. The whole team moved with much more fluidity so I think we can really look forward to a very exciting match against Australia on Sunday!

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